Iron catalysis for biaryl coupling and ether cleavage reactions

Published on September 14, 2012

Axel Jacobi von Wangelin and the two students Samet Gülak and Dominik Gärtner demonstrate the simplicity and effectiveness of iron-catalyzed biaryl coupling and ether cleavage reactions.


The highly active iron catalyst can be easily prepared in seconds from commercial iron salts and various reductants. As the groups of Prof. Jacobi von Wangelin and other researchers have shown, such catalysts can replace noble and toxic metal catalysts, such as palladium, rhodium, and nickel, in many reactions and thus contribute to a more sustainable chemistry.

Jacobi von Wangelin Group | University of Regensburg, Germany

Axel Jacobi von Wangelin hails from Berlin and studied at the University of Erlangen, Germany and the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, UT, USA. He obtained his PhD working with Matthias Beller at the Leibniz Institute of Catalysis in Rostock, Germany. He was granted a postdoctoral fellowship by the German Academic Exchange Service (Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst), which allowed him to work with Barry Trost at Stanford University, Stanford, CA, USA before starting his independent career at the University of Cologne, Germany. Since 2011, he has been a Professor of Organic Chemistry at the University of Regensburg, where his group is engaged in the development of efficient catalytic transformations.

Dominik Gärtner finished his studies towards a M.Sc. in Chemistry at the University of Regensburg in 2012 and very recently joined the group of Axel Jacobi von Wangelin as a PhD student, where he investigates catalytic ether cleavage reactions.

Samet Gülak studied Chemistry at the University of Cologne and currently continues his PhD studies at the University of Regensburg. His research interests revolve around iron-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions and the application of microreactor technologies.


Original research articles:

Gülak, S.; Jacobi von Wangelin, A., Chlorostyrenes in iron-catalyzed biaryl coupling, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 2012, 51, 1357-1361. doi:10.1002/anie.201106110

Gärtner, D., Iron-catalyzed deallylation, Master thesis, University of Regensburg, 2012.

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Konnerth, A. Jacobi von Wangelin, /Catal. Sci. Technol./ *2013*, /3/, doi:10.1039/C3CY00266G

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