Perspective on e-science, systems biology and drug discovery

Published on April 5, 2013

Prof. Douglas Kell talks about systems biology, computational aspects of biochemistry, and drug discovery, as well as open-access publishing and the communication of research results. The questions were prepared and asked by Prof. Roy Goodacre.

Douglas Kell | University of Manchester, UK

Douglas Kell studied Biochemistry at the University of Oxford (where he also gained a Distinction in Chemical Pharmacology), and stayed on in Oxford to complete a DPhil in microbial bioenergetics. After a variety of posts at Aberystwyth University, UK where he was a founding director of Aber Instruments he moved to Manchester in 2002 as a Research Chair in Bioanalytical Science. He directed the Manchester Centre for Integrative Systems Biology until being seconded to be Chief Executive Officer of the UK Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council. He will return to Manchester in 2013 where he expects to focus on a number of areas, including iron metabolism, pharmaceutical drug transporters, and e-science.

Roy Goodacre graduated in Microbiology at the University of Bristol, where he also did his PhD in the area of quantitative and high-dimensional approaches to microbial taxonomy. After postdoctoral Fellowships at Aberystwyth University he moved to Manchester where he directs the Laboratory of Bioanalytical Spectroscopy. His interests are in metabolomics, industrial biotechnology, Raman spectroscopy and machine learning.

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